Young Driver Sessions at Royal Highland Centre

You can’t get a driving licence in the UK until you’re 17 but now, thanks to YOUNG DRIVER™, if you’re 10 or over, you can learn to drive at one of over 60 UK centres. It’s a great opportunity for junior drivers.

The Royal Highland Centre is one of their ‘super sites’ with a 2 mile long driving course. This site offers the ideal space for new young drivers and those with more experience. The driving area includes: a two-way road system, T-junctions, crossroads, and roundabouts and is large enough for young drivers to build up speed safely, allowing the practice of gear changes (up to 3rd gear).

There is also a great outside viewing area for family and friends.

Saturday 6 October
Sunday 7 October
Wednesday 17 October
Saturday 20 October
Sunday 21 October
Saturday 3 November
Sunday 11 November
Saturday 17 November
Saturday 1 December
Sunday 16 December

Royal Highland Centre Website | Young Driver Website

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