Indoor Activities for Kids on a Rainy Day

I am sure that we will all agree that summer this year has been a bit of a wash out so far. It’s a shame that our kids are not able to get outdoors as much as they would like to, but don’t let the boredom of being indoors strike! Keep cabin-fever at bay, as we have five fun things for you to do indoors!

1. Make Flavoured Popcorn for Movie Time

Flavoured popcorn

Watching a movie just isn’t the same without munching on some popcorn. It’s like Buzz Lightyear without Woody, Shrek without Donkey, or Mickey without Minnie! Why not put a twist on your movie watching and make some delicious flavoured popcorn before you settle down in front of the box.

Pop your own corn and experiment with chocolate drizzle (pour melted chocolate over your popped corn whilst laid out on a baking try, place in the fridge to chill then break apart), or cookies & cream where you mix in some melted white chocolate and crumbled up Oreos, or you can even try coconut & curry (I know, it sounds odd, but tastes fantastic!), cinnamon chilli, salted caramel, peanut butter & jam, or one of your very own creations!

Things always taste better when you have made them yourself – all you need to do now is get into your PJ’s and choose your movie!

2. Make Your Own Playdough


Now who doesn’t like playing with playdough? And, making it yourself ensures that there are no added chemicals, it costs much less, and if stored properly in an airtight container, it can last for ages!

Here’s how to make it:-


2 cup plain flour
1 cup salt
1 tbs oil
1 cup cold water
2 drops liquid food colouring


Combine plain flour and salt
Add water, food colouring and oil. Mix until ingredients are combined
Knead well
If consistency is too wet add a little plain flour

Once at the correct consistency, you are good to go!

3. Dig Out Some Old Board Games


Board games don’t mean playing a game that makes you bored – board games can be great fun. Why not dig out all of your old ones from your childhood and show your kids what “technology” used to look like!

Scrabble is always a great way of increasing confidence in spelling, and games like Kerplunk and Monopoly can be great fun too – they can bring out the competitiveness in both the adult and the child!

If you are feeling creative, you could even try making your own Snakes & Ladders game using pennies for the counters, and a large sheet of paper to draw out the board.

4. Make a Painting with Straws

Image Source

We have made paintings by blowing through straws many a time in our house, some of which have even ended up framed and on the wall as the kids did such a great job. It is a simple, and effective way to create a piece of artwork that your child will be proud of!

You will need:-

A piece of paper or card – our thoughts are normally the bigger the better, as it can easily be cut down to be made smaller
Standard kid-friendly paint (from the supermarket, or the craft store)


Add water to your paint to make it fairly watery, but not so much so that it becomes transparent
Drip some of the watery paint onto your paper, or card
Pick up your straw and blow!
Leave off to the side to dry – remember to keep the sheet flat or the paint will continue to run!

We have also seen this type of picture done with the addition of googly eyes. They were added on once dry, to transform some of the shapes into aliens or cute looking creatures.

5. Make Some No-Sew Bunting

Image Source

Bunting looks great anywhere, whether it is outdoors in a garden, or indoors in a bedroom. We have found an easy, step-by-step tutorial on how to make this lovely bunting, and best of all it requires no sewing skills at all!

You can read the tutorial here.

The great thing about all of the above suggestions is that they don’t come with a big ticket price – great fun and low cost. And, if all else fails, you can always refer to our indoor fun section for soft play and indoor activity centres!








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