Villain: DeBlanks – fill-in-the-blanks fun!

20th August 2018

25th August 2018

10:05 To 11:00

63 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DH



Event Description

The Time Out New York Critics’ Pick written by Billy Mitchell, Villain: DeBlanks is an uproarious improvisational comedy where the cast says words you put in their mouths! The audience provides nouns, adjectives, and verbs (the sillier, the better), and the actors provide the laughs—uncensored and unrehearsed—as they solve the mystery of Philip DeBlanks’ untimely demise. Suitable for audiences of all ages, each hilarious performance is ridiculously one-of-a-kind.

After presenting dozens of star-studded benefit performances in New York, Los Angeles, London and elsewhere, Villain: DeBlanks makes its Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut with a week of 10am performances presented specifically for family audiences. Originally created as a fun, interactive way to illustrate the value of grammar, this fill-in-the-blanks comedy is a great way to laugh together, and learn a few new words.

You’ll laugh your (BODY PART)_______ off! Villain: DeBlanks will cast each performance by inviting the funniest entertainers in Edinburgh to come play — including a few special guests from Broadway and the West End. Combine that with a script full of audience contributions, and we guarantee it will never be the same show twice.

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