Children’s Petwer Casting Workshop

19th May 2018

19th May 2018

10:00 To 14:00

ML12 6PF



Event Description

Wild Things are very excited to announce this specialist guest workshop with artist Laura Greene.

This is a unique opportunity to come and try out the unusual art of Pewter Casting. All of the children will make a unique cast to take home with them on the day.

Participants will discover the ancient method of casting using a piece of cuttlefish bone for a mold. The ‘bone’, is soft and easy to carve into yet it can contain molten metal. It has been used for crafting jewelry, arrowheads and many other items for centuries.

We will use lead free pewter, which looks like silver. Pewter is an alloy of over 90% tin, it is soft and easy to work with.

Laura will help the children to look for inspiration in the natural surroundings of the woodland at Carmichael and then create a design & carve the molds.

We will then cast using an open fire to melt the metal & finally file & polish the work.

Please wear non- synthetic clothing if possible. Children will not handle the molten metal and will be given goggles if they are watching nearby.

The workshop is 4 hours long to allow the children the time necessary to complete their work. We will stop for lunch around 12noon to give the children a time to break and recharge for the afternoon session. If all children could bring their own packed lunch.

This session will be held at Carmichael Estate Woodland situated 5 miles from Biggar.

Tickets for this event are £20 and are available from the website here:

Or contact Claire Knox if you’d like anymore information about the event at:

As this is a guest workshop we are unable to offer discounted tickets but are able to offer a payment plan of 2 or 4 installments, please contact to make arrangements.

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