A Morning with Wonder Woman & Batman at The Granary

3rd June 2018

3rd June 2018

10:15 To 12:00




Event Description

Join us at The Granary for a Morning with Wonder Woman & Batman! The perfect event for all the family – start with a brunch of your choice! All the kids will have colouring and a goodie bag on arrival to get them started!

Wonder Woman & Batman will join you from 10.45-11.45. They will spend a few minutes one on one with each kid at their table. Then take all the kids to the kids room to play games, get active and win some prizes!

Parents – sit back and relax and enjoy your brunch!

Booking for an occasion? Let us know and we can make it special and Wonder Woman & Batman can sing Happy Birthday etc!

Making Magical Memories!

*They will be offering a 5 option breakfast buffet for £7.95 for adults or filled rolls for £3.75 + 50p for extra fillings. Tea & Coffee will be £2.75 with free top ups!
*For kids – they be offering a cold continental breakfast – cereals, fruit, yoghurt etc for £3.95 or they can enjoy 3 options from the hot buffet for £4.95 + cordial.

*All adults and children must have tickets
*Wonder Woman & Batman is there from 10.45-11.45
*Tickets cover all event costs and entertainment – not food and drink
*Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children

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